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How to Make a Concrete Walkway in Apex, NC Look Better

Whether your concrete walkway is plain or colored, there are plenty of ways to update its appearance. Color schemes are wayfinding elements, so contractors usually rely on eye-catching colors. Vivid colors create continuity and establish a theme. Colored concrete comes in several varieties, including dry-shake hardeners, chemical stains, and integral colors. Many products are customizable to match your exact colors.


There are many types of stains to choose from when staining your concrete walkway. Acid stains are significant for a dramatic effect but are limited in color. These stains also tend to turn black when exposed to moisture. They require special handling, and the results may be uneven or unpredictable. You can stain your walkways for indoor and outdoor use and get different effects by varying the type of stain you use.

First, you must ensure the concrete is clean and free of loose paint, dirt, and dust. If you are working with old concrete, use a wire brush to clean the surface. Once you’ve completed this step, use trisodium phosphate (TSP) solution to apply the stain. Make sure to wear protective clothing, a protective mask, and goggles since phosphate can be toxic.


If you’ve ever dreamed of transforming a plain concrete walkway, you can do so by dyeing it. Concrete dyes are semi-transparent solutions with varying hues that penetrate the surface of the concrete. Water-based concrete dyes tend to give the concrete a softer tone, while solvent-based concrete dyes are more vibrant and last longer. Depending on the color you’re after, you may want to consider the difference between water and solvent-based concrete dyes before making your final choice.

Chemical stains are one of the most popular ways to dye concrete walkways. These stains can be applied to the surface of the concrete after it has been set to add subtle hints of color or bold accents to the design. These stains react chemically with the concrete, creating natural color variations and mottling effects that mimic natural stone. Acid stains are a more expensive option but great for walkways in public areas.


Regarding paving and accents, there are many ways to add patterns to your concrete walkway. Cobblestone is an old-world look, and a herringbone pattern is an excellent choice. It mimics the look of natural stone and is popular on driveways, pool decks, and pathways. You can also stamp the design on concrete. Stamping creates a realistic appearance, but stenciling can also give you the same look. A European fan pattern is a great choice, too, because it has a classic feel and goes with old-world homes.

You can also use seamless texture skins to imprint a stone texture into the concrete. These designs are great for imitating natural stone, but they are also incredibly low-maintenance and resistant to scratches and stains. Another excellent option for an old-fashioned walkway is a sizeable diamond-patterned saw cut. These patterns can add an elegant touch to your walkway. Another great option is a multi-colored pattern. You can choose from various colors and practices, then combine them with different textures and finishes.